Skill Training in Virtual Reality

When your associates train in VR, they will learn faster and retain skill knowledge for a longer time than videos, classroom based trainings or books.

Create VR skills easily with LuciXR.

Virtual Reality Technology - Employee Training

LuciXR’s skills product enables anyone to create a virtual reality based skill within a short time. People learn better in immersive environments as they mimic our senses. Instead of classroom or printed material based training, VR based training is far more effective.

To create VR skills with LuciXR, you do not need to know coding or Instructional design. You do need a 360-degree camera to shoot a photo or video.

Once you have your skill recorded, drop it into LuciXR. You can place instructions for the learner within the 360-degree picture/video.

Create VR skills with

Luci XR

See what’s possible

Creating VR Skills is easy...

Easy to create - shoot 360 degree picture or video of the skill that you want to teach. Load it into LuciXR. Drag and drop instructions, in the form of menu options, text, voice or video.

The skill that you created is hosted on the cloud by LuciXR. The learner will need a simple app (we’ll give you that, which you can white label).

Using the admin module of LuciXR skills, create accounts for your learners. They download the small app, log in and see the skill! It's that simple.

The learners do not need complicated devices - just a mobile device and a VR cardboard.

VR Skill Development

Benefits of the product

Seeing is believing. Doing is learning. LuciXR will help you to create VR based skills. And you can assist your learners to learn by doing. By observing a skill being done.

Distributed workforces are a reality today. So when you push out a VR skill module, you want to be able to see how your learners are faring - which is easy with the LuciXR skill dashboard.

VR for Business

Core Areas of VR skill Development

Using LuciXR skills product, you can teach the following skills:

Functional - how to do a job. Simple and plain. Learners grasp quick (learning outcomes are strong) and remember it for a long time - because you created the skill in VR.

Behavioural - how to interact with fellow associates at the job. The World is a better place where people understand what is acceptable behaviour and the clear boundaries in the workplace. Show what is unacceptable in your organization by immersing your associates in VR situations using LuciXR.

Safety - quick, you have a grease fire at your cloud kitchen - what type of fire extinguisher should you use? well, react to near real situations in VR skills created by LuciXR.

Our VR Skillsproduct plays a pivotal role in training the employees by providing the digital realities that are effective in learning the practices and operations inside an organization.

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