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AR Product Catalog

Want to reduce your sales cycle by showing your products in AR?

Sell better & quicker. Create an AR product catalog without coding using LuciXR.

AR works as your customers can see your products in 3D, see it function in 3D - helping them understand your product quicker.

LuciXR’s augmented reality platform AR product catalog hosts the models, animations on the cloud.

All your sales folks will need is a small app to stream the AR catalog - we’ll get you the app which is customizable.

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Create your augmented reality product catalog with

Luci XR

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About the augmented reality platform

A non-techie can quickly create an AR product catalog using LuciXR. Import 3D models and animations, and create the AR catalog within a few days.

LuciXR catalog is anaugmented reality software product that will power your goal to show your products in full 3D and at a human scale. People understand when you see your product in the same way they see the real world, no? When you have their attention, show them how your products work in 3D using augmented reality technology.

You do not need an expensive app to do this, LuciXR AR catalog is enough to do this in a few days. LuciXR’saugmented reality platform AR product catalog hosts the models, animations on the cloud. All your sales folks will need is a small app to stream the AR catalog - we’ll get you that and you can customize it as well.

Organize the AR catalog as you put together a web catalog or a printed one. It's that easy but so different.

How it will work?

To create the augmented reality catalog, you will need Unity developers, 3D artists or you can use LuciXR. You do not need to code and it is available on a subscription model.

AR product catalog is the best AR platform for business powered by Luci, will host the 3D models and animations on the cloud. This makes it possible to have a lightweight Android and iOS app that can pull the product catalog from the cloud.

3D models - you have CAD/CAM files, you can help you import them and get started. No? we can also help create them from scratch.

LuciXR AR Product Catalog optimizes massive 3D models to streaming size (no compromise on look and feel).

AR for Business

Benefits of the product

The Augmented reality product catalog will enable the sales associate to present the product to the customer in full 3D form and function @ human scale.AR product catalog can provide customers with a more realistic shopping experience.

Through this catalog, customers can navigate through the store easily and reduce the time in making the right choice

AR Product Catalog can help showcase the actual product to the customers without carrying it physically.If you have a physical product and use printed materials, you should use AR product catalogs.

AR product catalog can definitely help you transform your selling and marketing by providing digital product experience to the customers with the virtual objects. This can shorten your sales cycles, minimize the expenses on marketing, and engage the customers.

Highlights of the Product

  • AR product catalogs help your sales associates to show products in 3D, from wherever they are - no need to travel.
  • Full 3D - Turn your products around, show how they really look. No more photos!
  • Functional AR - Do not talk, show. Show how your product works by making it work in AR. Show why your products are effective or a special tech that makes your product better…
  • Remote presentation - Usually augmented reality technology means you stand next to your potential customer. Not anymore. Using the LuciXR AR product catalog, you can stream your presentation to your client without losing the Augmented Reality part of the AR product catalog.
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